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Unformatted text preview: you that states we don’t want to change the annulars before the Nile and will accept that liability if both fail during Nile and we have to pull the BOP. We all agree this is a low risk of having 2 failures. This is coming from his upper management that they just wanted our confirmation with an email.” 376 On the same evening, just minutes after receiving the email from Cocales, Guide sent Paul Johnson an email saying he concurred with not changing the annular elements prior to starting the Nile well. The email stated, “B[P] accepts responsibility if both annulars were to fail and the stack had to be pulled to repair them.” 377 While the Panel did not find that a failure of the annulars contributed to the failure of the BOP stack to seal the well, it did find that Guide decided to accept liability on behalf of BP for any annular failures with apparently little or no analysis of the conditions of the equipment. 6. Effects of the BOP Maintenance Record on Performance The Panel found that the Transocean’s subsea maintenance plans were generally in accordance with Cameron’s maintenance requirements....
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