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Unformatted text preview: lations require that “[w]hile drilling, you must maintain the safe drilling margin identified in the approved APD [Application for Permit to Drill]. When you cannot maintain this safe drilling margin, you must suspend drilling operations and remedy the situation.” 60 Safe drilling margin can be maintained by ensuring that the mud weight remains between the “kick tolerance” or “kick margin,” which is typically 0.5 pounds per gallon (“ppg”) Data obtained from Halliburton showed that representatives of Anadarko and MOEX periodically reviewed information related to the Macondo well during drilling. 59 The “casing shoe” is a short steel collar that is typically attached to the bottom of the casing string. It helps to establish proper positioning of the casing string in the wellbore. 60 30 CFR § 250.427(b). BOEMRE regulations do not specify what a “safe drilling margin” is. There may be instances where a safe drilling margin can be maintained outside the “kick” or “swab” margins. 58 27 below the fracture g...
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