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Unformatted text preview: owout: (1) engine rooms number 3 and/or number 6 (and associated electrical switch gear rooms); or (2) the mud gas separator located near the rig floor. The evidence that supports the Panel’s conclusion is discussed below. A. Ignition Sources The most probable ignition source was engine room number 3 and/or number 6. The conclusion is supported by: (1) witness testimony; (2) the location of the air intakes into the engine rooms; (3) engine and electrical switch‐gear rooms that were unclassified areas with numerous potential ignition sources that could initiate an explosion; (4) as a dynamically‐positioned rig, the Deepwater Horizon may not have been designed to immediately shut‐down when high levels of gas are detected; (5) the Panel found no evidence that the over‐speed devices properly functioned and found evidence that such devices may not have been inspected. As mentioned previously in this Report, the hydrocarbon influx quickly overwhelmed the mud gas separator. Witness testimony supports the fact that there was a flash explosion near...
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