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Unformatted text preview: erial to be across the choke and kill lines during the negative test and possibly plugged the kill line. If the kill line was plugged, it could have led to the pressure differential between the drill pipe and kill line. BP’s use of the lost circulation material pills as a spacer in the Macondo well likely affected the crew’s ability to conduct an accurate negative test on the kill line and was a possible contributing cause of the kick detection failure. John Guide, the BP well team leader, believed that the Deepwater Horizon crew had become “too comfortable” because of its good track record for drilling difficult wells. Ross Skidmore, a BP contractor on the rig on April 20, testified that the crew became complacent after completing drilling because “when you get to that point, everybody goes to the mindset that weʹre through, this job is done.” The complacency on the Deepwater Horizon could be attributable to the crew not having access to all of the well data (OptiCem reports) available to BP personnel onshore and the well site...
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