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Unformatted text preview: ontains an error; it believes that this provision should refer to maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP), not MASP. 419 API RP 53, Section 18.10.3. 420 API RP 53, Section 18.11.3. 418 169 The Panel found no evidence that BP consulted with Cameron about modifying the BOP stack with parts from a non‐original equipment manufacturer. c. API RP 53 Section 18.12 Section 18.12 of API RP 53 required a lessee to have on each rig a “planned maintenance system, with equipment identified, tasks specified, and the time intervals between tasks stated.” Maintenance and repair records were required to be retained on file at the rig site or readily available. 4. BOP Pressure Tests 30 CFR § 250.447 required the operator to pressure test the BOP system (choke manifold, valves, inside BOP, and drill‐string safety valve): When installed; Before 14 days elapsed since the last BOP pressure test; and Before drilling out each string of casing or a liner. 421 While performing a 14‐day BOP pressure test, the operator was required to comply with 30 CFR § 250.448. This regulation required the operator to conduct both a low‐pressure and a high‐pressure test for each BOP component. The low‐pressure test had to be conducted befo...
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