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Unformatted text preview: hat there were significant problems with oversight of rig operations and communications. Ronnie Sepulvado, one of the BP well site leaders on the rig at the time, notified Guide on April 10 of a first aid incident aboard the Deepwater Horizon, which involved a roustabout sustaining an injury to his left leg from a load being lifted by a crane. Guide and Sims discussed the incident, and Guide suggested a “safety stand down tomorrow so we can get our act together.” Sims agreed with the idea of a stand‐down, and he added BP‐HZN‐MBI00255906. The allocation of responsibilities between operations and engineering were outlined in a document that BP referred to as a “RACI” chart. See Appendix K. 196 83 “[h]appy to take as much time as you think. 2 first aids and 2 drops in 2 weeks is worth a timeout.” 197 Following the discussion about the stand‐down, Guide sent an email to Paul Johnson, a Transocean rig manager with responsibility for the Deepwater Horizon, informing Johnson that it was “probably time to step back for an hour or two. Let’s m...
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