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Unformatted text preview: nd 18.12. a. API RP 53 Section 18.10 Section 18.10 of API RP 53 generally prescribed recommended practices for well inspections and maintenance and required that all leaks and malfunctions were corrected before BOP equipment was placed into service. API RP 53 Section 18.10.3 recommended a “major inspection” of the BOP stack after every three to five years of service. During the major inspection, the BOP stack, choke manifold, and diverter components were recommended to be disassembled and inspected in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. 419 b. API RP 53 Section 18.11 Section 18.11.3 of API RP 53 addressed BOP maintenance. Of particular relevance here, Section 18.11.3 required that spare parts be designed for intended use. The operator was required to consult the original equipment manufacturer regarding replacement parts, and if parts were acquired from a non‐original equipment manufacturer, “the parts shall be equivalent to or superior to the original equipment and be fully tested, design verified, and supported by traceable documentation.” 420 The JIT concluded that the current 30 CFR § 250.443 c...
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