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Unformatted text preview: d Engine Switch Gear Rooms 1. Configuration of Engine Rooms on the Rig The Deepwater Horizon had six engines located on the third deck of the rig. Each engine was in an engine room that was equipped with air intake systems. Each air intake system drew air from vents located in the engine room in which it sat. Each engine room had an engine switch gear room attached to it. The Deepwater Horizon’s engine rooms and switch gear rooms were located in “unclassified” areas, which were areas that did not require explosion‐ proof enclosures, intrinsically‐safe equipment, and/or purged and pressurized equipment. The engines and switch gears in the non‐classified areas were not designed or tested to ensure that they would not initiate an explosion. The engines had multiple redundant safety systems and shutdown devices designed to shut down the engines in an over‐speed situation. Engine over‐speed is a condition where an engine’s revolutions per minute (“rpms”) exceed their normal operating speed. This condition can occur when combustible gas is drawn into the intake system. To prevent this, the air intake systems included...
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