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Unformatted text preview: le bore rams (“VBRs”) designed to seal around several different sizes of drill pipe but do not shear or otherwise affect the drill pipe. Test ram (converted VBR), which is an inverted VBR that is designed to only hold pressure from the top down. 324 Casing shear designed to cut through drill string or casing. It consisted of a cutting element only, and was not designed to seal. Blind shear ram (sometimes referred to as “BSR”) consisting of both a cutting and sealing element and designed to cut the drill pipe and seal the well. Choke and kill lines, which are high‐pressure pipes that led from an outlet on the BOP stack to the rig pumps. 325 Typically, the choke does not connect to the rig pumps, however, the Deepwater Horizon BOP could use the choke and kill lines interchangeably. Remotely operated vehicle (“ROV”) panels – operating panels that allow an ROV lowered to the sea floor to activate certain function on the BOP stack. 326 Accumulator bottles, which provided hydraulic fluid used to operate...
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