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Unformatted text preview: w completed displacement, and both plugs landed, or were “bumped,” with an estimated 100 psi of lift pressure (350 psi circulating to 450 psi) before bumping the top cement plug. 132 The crew conducting the cement job believed they had received full returns throughout the job, meaning that the crew believed that little or no mud had been lost into the formation during the cement job. 133 Brian Morel, who was usually based in Houston, had been on the rig during the cement job and sent an email before he left the rig, saying that “… the cement job went well. Pressures stayed low, but we had full returns the entire job, saw 80 psi lift pressure and landed out right on the calculated volume.” 134 1. Float Check After finishing the cement job, the cementing crew conducted a float check intended to confirm that the float valves had properly closed and, therefore, would prevent any flow back up the well. Vincent Tabler, the Halliburton crew cementer and Lee Lambert, a BP well site leader trainee, s...
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