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Unformatted text preview: h one revved up first, ʹcause to me it sounded like both of them did. 306 Mike Williams, the chief electronics technician, who was in the electronic technician’s room at the time of the blowout, testified: . . . I knew which engines were on line at any given time. I could hear Engine Number 3 start to rev up, and its normal operating RPMʹs to way above what I ever heard it run before, and its continuously steadily rising, and I knew then that we were ‐ we were having a problem. As I started to push back from my desk, the computer monitor exploded in front of me. All the lights in my shop popped. The light bulbs themselves physically popped. Now I know weʹre in trouble. I reached down to grab my door, and at the ‐ simultaneously of grabbing the handle, the engine goes to a level that is higher than I can even describe it. Itʹs spinning so fast that it just ‐ It stopped spinning and thereʹs a huge explosion. 307 Once Williams made it to the bridge, he explained to Captain Kuchta, master of the Deepwater Horizon, “[y]ou ne...
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