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Unformatted text preview: ontrol Manual, TRN‐USCG_MMS00043810. 278 Id. (Section 4, Subsection 1 page 4 of 4). 279 Testimony of Micah Sandell, Joint Investigation Hearing, May 29, 2010, at 9‐12; Young testimony at 264. 280 Ezell testimony at 283. 276 277 105 itʹs a big tank and it goes into a pipe. Iʹm thinking that the tank exploded. 281 Steven Bertone, the chief engineer on the Deepwater Horizon, likened the gas entering the rig to “a freight train coming through my bedroom.” 282 The 12‐ inch mud gas separator outlet vent and the 6‐inch vacuum breaker vent were goose‐necked and diverted flow back downward toward the rig, creating a grave risk of explosion directly above the rig. E. Activity on the Bridge At approximately 9:48 p.m., a small “jolt” was felt on the bridge of the Deepwater Horizon, and simultaneously several of the gas alarms went off. 283 Transocean’s senior dynamic positioning officer, Yancy Keplinger, was on duty at the time, and his responsibilities included monitoring the rig’s dynamic positioning system to ensure the safety of the vessel. Also on duty was Transocean’s dynamic positioning officer, A...
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