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Unformatted text preview: cement plug or a packer. B. Multiple Simultaneous Operations That Hampered the Crew’s Ability to Detect Kicks On April 20, after performing the negative pressure tests that were incorrectly interpreted as successful, the rig crew turned to completing the temporary abandonment procedures. The rig crew decided to perform multiple operations over a short period of time, which likely limited their ability to effectively monitor the well. At this time, Bob Kaluza and Donald Vidrine were the BP well site leaders. Brian Morel was the BP drilling engineer, but he had Transocean Well Control Manual, TRN‐USCG_MMS00043810. 30 CFR § 250.401. 249 250 99 departed the Deepwater Horizon prior to the negative tests. Jimmy Harrell was the offshore installation manager and was the senior Transocean representative on duty at the time of the blowout. Miles Ezell, the senior toolpusher, was attending a meeting with visiting executives and assigned Jason Anderson, an assistant toolpusher, to oversee the temporary abandonment work. The Panel found no evidence that Harrell, E...
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