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Unformatted text preview: 9 cement job was performed according to the procedures detailed in the April 18 OptiCem report. 128 However, BP used only six centralizers in the well, rather than the seven centralizers recommended and assumed in the April 18 model. Prior to cementing, BP did only a partial A reamer shoe is a piece of equipment that guides casing towards the center of the hole as it is lowered down the wellbore. 125 IADC report 4/19/10; Sperry Sun rig data. 126 BP‐HZN‐MBI00257031. 127 Id. 128 BP‐HZN‐CEC000011406. 53 wellbore circulation because it was concerned about additional lost returns that could result from a complete bottoms‐up circulation. 129 On April 19, Halliburton pumped the following fluids down the wellbore: base oil, spacer fluid, unfoamed lead cement, foamed (or nitrified) cement that would go in the annulus, tail cement and additional spacer. 130 After pumping these fluids, Halliburton pumped mud down the well to move the cement into place. 131 After about three and a half hours, the cement cre...
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