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Unformatted text preview: evacuate until approximately twelve minutes after the first gas alarm went off. The failure of the personnel on the Deepwater Horizon bridge monitoring the gas alarms to notify the Deepwater Horizon crew in the engine control room about the alarms so that they could take actions to shut down the engines was a contributing cause of the response failure. E. Response Failure Possible Contributing Causes The crew was unaware of the volume of the hydrocarbon influx associated with the blowout. The rig floor crew’s inability to determine the location of the kick in relation to the BOP stack and the volume of hydrocarbons coming to the rig in a matter of seconds was a possible contributing cause of the response failure. The Panel found no evidence that Jason Anderson, Transocean driller, who was identified in the Transocean procedures as the individual who should initiate the emergency disconnect system, attempted to do so once the hydrocarbons were past the stack. There is evidence that the rig crew activated the upper annular a...
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