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Unformatted text preview: the use of a liner tie‐back design also involves risks associated with the possibility of mechanical integrity failure at the tie‐back junction, as well as the potential for increased annular pressure build‐up, which could occur as a result of annular fluid expansion caused by heat transfer during the well’s production phase. Annular pressure build‐up increases the risk that the production casing or tie‐back string will collapse if annulus fluids or pressure become trapped by the assembly with no outlet for bleed‐off. BP’s well engineering team prepared an undated “Forward Plan Review” addressing production casing and temporary abandonment options for the Macondo well and circulated it within BP in April 2010. The forward plan recommended against using the long string design because of the risks described above that are associated with that type of design. This document stated that, while the long string of 9‐7/8 x 7 inch casing “was the primary option,” the use of a 7 inch liner was “now the recommend...
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