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Unformatted text preview: icular to the well. 49 Development wells are typically designed and drilled based in part on data from nearby wells, referred to as offset well data. In the case of exploratory wells, such as Macondo, operators have limited offset well data available, making it more difficult to anticipate well conditions prior to the spud of the well. As a result, design processes in exploratory wells are subject to change. Operators typically deal with well design changes during drilling operations through documented “management of change” processes, which are intended to aid personnel in systematically identifying and mitigating the risks associated with the changes. The BP well engineering team and the BP subsurface team were involved in developing the Macondo well design. The teams referred to various documents and manuals while designing the Macondo well, including BP’s internal casing design manual, drilling well operations policy (“DWOP”), advanced guidelines for deepwater drilling and other guidance. 50 A. Cost of the Macondo Well BP exceeded its original cost estimates for drilling the Macondo well. To obtain a...
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