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Unformatted text preview: icipated surface pressure (“MASP”) to be 6,153 psi using the well’s estimated pore pressure at the well’s planned total depth of 20,200 feet. BP also The Panel makes recommendations to improve the regulations at 30 CFR 250.1500 (Subpart O) relating to well control training. 415 BP‐HZN‐MBI00328704. 416 1 CFR § 51.9(b)(3). 414 167 calculated the maximum anticipated wellhead pressure (“MAWP”) at the mudline (or BOP) was 8,404 psi. 417 2. Required Systems and Equipment If an operator opted to use a subsea BOP stack, it had to fulfill the MMS requirements set forth in 30 CFR § 250.442. The requirements were: The operator had to install the BOP system before drilling below surface casing. The subsea stack had to include at least four remote‐controlled, hydraulically operated BOPs consisting of an annular BOP, two BOPs equipped with pipe rams, and one BOP equipped with blind shear rams. The operator had to install an accumulator closing system to provide fast closure of the BOP components and to operate all critical functions in c...
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