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Unformatted text preview: Ocean Energy Management and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement. 394 157 which are pertinent to occupational or public health, safety or environmental protection, as may be requested. 396 Under the regulations applicable at the time of the Macondo blowout, “operators” were the persons the lessee(s) designated as having control or management of operations on the leased area or a portion thereof. An operator could be a lessee, the MMS‐approved designated agent of the lessee(s), or the holder of operating rights under an MMS‐approved operating rights assignment. A “lessee” was a person who had entered into a lease with the United States to explore for, develop, and produce the leased minerals. The term “lessee” also applied to the MMS‐approved assignee of the lease, and the owner or the MMS‐ approved assignee of operating rights for the lease . 397 MMS was responsible for enforcing regulations governing drilling operations contained in 30 CFR Part 250. Subpart D covered many aspects of drill...
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