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Unformatted text preview: Gulf of Mexico, the 1,825‐day overhaul was TRN‐USCG_MMS‐00097219. Testimony of Michael Fry, Joint Investigation Hearing, April 6, 2011, at 49‐50 365 Id. at 50. 363 364 147 dependent on the findings of the major survey. During JIT hearings, Fry was asked about the confusion surrounding the verification of the 1,825‐day major overhaul start date and how the Panel could determine when the Deepwater Horizon’s BOP stack components were installed. Fry responded: Ram blocks, recertification of ram blocks ‐ I mean, a ram block that gets inspected gets inspected for damage. It gets a hardness check. It gets a non‐destructive testing inspection done on it. If thereʹs no damage to it, again, thereʹs no requirement for a mandatory recertification of it. Normally, to kind of expand on your question, the start date is from the date of the COC. 366 A certificate of conformity or certificate of compliance (“COC”) was issued by the OEM. The Panel could not locate any Cameron COC for the VBR bonnets since the installation date in 2000. Transocean also submitted documentation stating the VBR ram blocks had not been completely overhauled since installation in 2000. 367 The Panel also never received documentation on the r...
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