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Unformatted text preview: water Horizon. 295 F. Emergency Disconnect System The emergency disconnect system activates the blind shear rams on the BOP stack and disconnects the riser, allowing the rig to move off of the well. The emergency disconnect system is manually initiated but, once activated, performs the various disconnect functions in an automatic sequence. Keplinger testimony at 150. Fleytas testimony at 13. 290 Id. at 13‐14. 291 Id. at 40. 292 Keplinger testimony at 152. This is typically referred to as “mustering.” 293 Williams testimony at 30‐34. 294 Fleytas testimony, at 13‐14. 288 289 107 Transocean’s Deepwater Horizon emergency response manual provides guidance for when to activate the emergency disconnect system. The Transocean well control manual outlines the different alert levels that reflect the dynamic positioning status of the rig. The “green” level means that the dynamic positioning systems is functioning in normal operations; the “yellow” level means the station‐keepi...
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