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Unformatted text preview: zell or Kaluza were on the rig floor during temporary abandonment operations on the evening of April 20. The rig crew complicated its well monitoring efforts by displacing mud to two active pits (pits 9 and 10) instead of one. This decision left the rig crew unable to accurately monitor well outflow because when fluid is moved throughout the surface system (to other equipment tanks, filling/draining surface lines, general semi‐submersible rig movement, etc.), subtle gains or losses in the trip tanks or pits are more difficult to accurately monitor. Cathleenia Willis, a Sperry‐Sun mudlogger, described the rig activity as follows: They [the rig crew] were getting prepared to displace and discussed the program. At the safety meeting they said they would displace back to the boat. AD [Assistant Driller] said they would call her because she said she could not monitor displacement back to the boat. When Joe [Keith] came on tower he said he needed to talk to them about displacing to the boat and he was not happ...
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