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Unformatted text preview: 010, after the Deepwater Horizon had replaced the Marianas and resulted in a stuck drill pipe. It took the crew at least 30 minutes to detect the March 8 kick. 161 This delay raised significant concerns among BP personnel overseeing the operation about the ability of personnel on the Deepwater Horizon to promptly detect kicks and take appropriate well control actions. In a post‐blowout interview, John Guide, a BP wells team leader, stated that, at the time (March 2010) he was concerned that the Deepwater Horizon team had become “too comfortable” with itself because of its good track record for successfully drilling difficult wells, and that its members missed potential indications of problems during the March 8 event that they should have caught. 162 Other individuals responsible for operations at Macondo expressed concern about the events of March 8: Testimony of Mike Williams, Joint Investigation Hearing, July 23, 2010, at 35 (stating that the Deepwater Horizon crew had used the name “well from hell” on a prior well and a...
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