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Unformatted text preview: tʹs supposed to be actually for dampeners and to that effect if thereʹs a fire or something to that effect. Okay. They started flashing, within seconds of that there was a big explosion, a loud ʺBang,ʺ it got black. The port door on this here side (indicating) blew in. As soon as it blew in within a matter of seconds the starboard side blew in as soon as you heard the second explosion. 309 Paul Meinhart, a motorman, who was also in the engine control room, testified: The first explosion I was standing with my back to the port side next to a door. The door on the port side of the engine control room got blow in. So, I believe that it came from the port side of the vessel from where we were at. * * * The second explosion at that time I had just moved over, but I still had my back to the port side. But thereʹs another door coming from the center of the rig. During the second explosion that door got blown open. 310 The above witness testimony suggests that one or more of the explosions occurred in the vicinity of engines 3 an...
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