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Unformatted text preview: mudloggers to the Deepwater Horizon and also provided real‐time data that was accessible to the rig crew. Rig personnel also had access to certain real‐time data from Transocean. In addition, video cameras on the rig allowed the crew to monitor certain activities, such as flow being returned to the pits. BP and its operating partners had access to the real‐time data through Insite Anywhere, BP’s electronic data system that provides real‐time flow‐in and flow‐out data, gas analysis data, stand pipe pump pressures, and other data. MMS regulations required operators to use the best available and safest technology to monitor and evaluate well conditions and to minimize the potential for a well to flow or kick. 250 The regulations also required the operator to ensure that the toolpusher, operator’s representative, or a member of the drilling crew maintains continuous surveillance on the rig floor from the beginning of drilling operations until the well is completed or abandoned, unless they have secured the well with a BOP, bridge plug,...
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