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Unformatted text preview: nstruction given to the rig personnel in evaluating the negative test was to monitor the well for no flow. No instructions were given to re‐open the choke and kill lines, to monitor drill pipe pressure, or to evaluate and investigate any pressure differentials. Testimony and interview notes from BP Harrell testimony at 33. Lindner testimony at 272. 216 BP‐HZN‐MBI00133083. 217 Id. 214 215 90 personnel revealed that they had an oversimplified view of what constituted a successful negative test – they each believed that they only had to check for flow to evaluate whether a negative test had been successful. Specifically, when asked what a successful negative test was for the Macondo well, Guide said “[a] successful test needs to be run for 30 minutes with no flow from the well.” 218 In response to the same question, Morel said “[n]o flow for 30 minutes,” 219 and Donald Vidrine, a BP well site leader, responded that a successful negative test required “[c]heck[ing] for flow or no‐flow.” 220 Guide and Morel app...
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