L incidentsofnoncompliance

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Unformatted text preview: then it was relieved. It was applied and relieved. There were at least a handful of times in which that happened. . . 357 DNV concluded that “[t]he overall contribution of this ‘double clutching’ phenomenon cannot in DNV’s opinion be of significance compared to the contribution of the trapped pipe between the ram blocks.” 358 J. Studies Evaluating the Reliability of BOPs Within the last decade, MMS, through its Technology Assessment and Research Program (“TA&R”), funded or co‐funded various studies regarding the reliability of BOP systems in deepwater applications, shear ram capabilities, and the evaluation of secondary intervention methods in well control. 359 Some of these studies pointed out deficiencies in BOP systems and made suggestions to change MMS regulations and/or industry standards. The ROV has a robotic arm that fits into a hydraulic port on the BOP stack to pump hydraulic fluid into the BOP to close the ram blocks. 357 McWhorter testimony at 145. 358 Addendum to the DNV Report, at 10. 359 The TA&R Program supports research associated with operational safety, pollution prevention and oil spill response...
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