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Unformatted text preview: icies. BP’s drilling and well operations procedures require a well control incident report to be completed and documented in BP’s internal reporting system 165 and provide that such incidents should be investigated to determine root causes and to identify ways to prevent reoccurrence. 166 The Panel found no evidence that BP documented the March well control event in its internal tracking system or that it conducted a post‐ incident investigation to determine the root cause of the delayed kick detection. Instead of conducting a formal investigation, Guide had discussions with the BP well site leaders and the Transocean rig leaders about the event and the drilling crew’s response. Guide told BP investigators in a post‐blowout interview that he believed members of the rig crew understood their responsibilities and admitted to him that they “had screwed up” by not catching the kick. Guide also talked to the Sperry‐Sun mudloggers about the detection of flow. 167 BP’s in‐house group of geological experts, the “Totally Integrated Geological and Engineering Response team” (the “TIGER team”),...
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