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Unformatted text preview: site where the examination could be conducted. Site preparation activities included constructing a test pad capable of supporting the approximately 325‐ton BOP stack, deployment of environmental containment equipment, and construction of a temporary structure to house the BOP stack. 2. Scope of the Forensic Examination The JIT retained Det Norske Veritas (“DNV”) to prepare a forensic testing plan, to conduct the forensic examination, and prepare a report containing detailed findings based on the forensic examination of the BOP stack. The 135 objectives of the forensic examination were to determine how the BOP stack performed during the blowout, identify any failures that may have occurred, determine the sequence of events leading to any potential failures of the BOP stack, and evaluate the effects, if any, of a series of modifications to the BOP stack that BP and Transocean officials had implemented before the blowout. The examination was designed to evaluate: (1) whether leaks on the BOP stack were factors in the BOP stack’s performance during the blowout and during the ROV intervention efforts; (2) whether any modifications made to the control logic and stack adversely affected the BOP stack’s performance; and (3) whether any other relevant factor, including manufacturing defe...
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