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Unformatted text preview: drilling engineering manager; drilling and completions operations manager; drilling engineer team lead; drilling engineer; two well site leaders at the Deepwater Horizon; and the future well site leader at the Deepwater Horizon. 178 BP‐HZN‐BLY00061325. 176 177 79 Mexico, testified that he “was concerned that John [Guide] may not be comfortable with the new organization.” 179 In March 2010, around the time of the second loss of well control at Macondo, there was tension between Sims and Guide. In an email dated March 13, Guide complained to Sims and accused him of making up his mind on corrective actions without listening to input from the well site leaders. In response, Sims said that “we cannot fight about every decision” and that “I will hand this well over to you in the morning and then you will be able to do whatever you want. I would strongly suggest, for everyone’s sake, that you make logical decisions, based on facts, after weighing all the opinions.” 180 Sims also drafted an email that was addressed to Guide but was never sent. In the email, Sims stated the followin...
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