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Unformatted text preview: hydrocarbons at a later date. 36 The production casing runs from the bottom of the well up to the wellhead. There are two general design options for production casings – a long string design or a liner design. A long string casing design consists of a production casing that extends from the bottom of the well to the top of the wellbore. A liner casing design consists of a casing that is anchored or suspended from inside the bottom of the previous casing string and does not extend to the top of the wellbore. The liner design has the option of being tied back to the top of the wellhead. In general, both long string and liner production casings have two annulus barriers: cement across the hydrocarbon zones and the mechanical seal at the top of each string. The mechanical seal in a long string casing includes the wellhead casing hanger seal assembly. A liner design uses a liner top packer assembly. The liner tie‐back provides two additional barriers: the liner tie‐back cement and the tie‐back seal assembly. However,...
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