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Unformatted text preview: AMF sequence for the Deepwater Horizon is in Appendix H. The AMF relied upon two redundant control pods – a blue pod and a yellow pod. Under normal operations, the pods were powered through AC cables from the surface. In the event of a loss of power from the surface, the power supply for each of the control pods was maintained through batteries located in the subsea electronics module (“SEM”) in the multiplex section of each pod. The pods were located on opposite sides of the LMRP. Each functioned independently and each had its own power supply and batteries. Each pod included solenoid valves, which were devices that opened and closed in response to electrical signals. The solenoids were designed to communicate with the BOP elements and trigger the delivery of 4,000 psi closing pressure to the BSRs through the dedicated accumulator bottles located on the lower BOP stack. E. Autoshear Function The autoshear function is designed to close the BSR in the event of an unplanned disconn...
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