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Unformatted text preview: tlets on the BOP stack for separate kill and choke lines; A choke and kill line on the BOP stack (each to have two full opening valves, and both to be remote‐controlled if it is subsea). The choke line BP’s April 15, 2010 APD. 417 168 had to be installed above the bottom ram, the kill line could be installed below the bottom ram; A fill‐up line above the uppermost BOP; Locking devices installed on the ram‐type BOPs; and A wellhead assembly with a rated working pressure that exceeds the maximum anticipated surface pressure (MASP). 418 3. Required Maintenance and Inspections 30 CFR § 250.446 identified BOP stack maintenance and inspection requirements. This provision required maintenance of BOP systems to ensure that the equipment functioned properly. It also required to visual inspections of the subsea BOP system and riser at least once every three days if weather and sea conditions permitted. Subsea BOP stack maintenance was required to meet or exceed API RP 53 Sections 18.10, 18.11 a...
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