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Unformatted text preview: of the Marshall Islands, the JIT designated it as a “Substantially Interested State.” The Deepwater Horizon was a foreign‐flagged vessel that, at the time of the blowout, was flagged under the Republic of the Marshall Islands. 6 See 46 U.S.C. § 6303; 46 CFR. §§ 4.03‐10, 4.07‐35, 4.09‐15. 7 Convening Order, at 1. 8 Retired United States District Judge Wayne Andersen, who served without compensation, joined the JIT in August 2010 to preside over subsequent hearings. BOEMRE is grateful for Judge Andersen’s assistance during the hearings and in meetings with counsel for the PIIs. 9 Brian Morel and Robert Kaluza each invoked his Fifth Amendment Rights and refused to testify during JIT hearings. After testifying at one hearing, Mark Hafle invoked his Fifth Amendment Rights and refused to testify a second time. Through his attorney, Donald Vidrine claimed that he could not testify due to medical reasons. Each of these four individuals was a BP employee at the time of the blowout and continues to be employed by BP. In addition, two Transocean witn...
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