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Unformatted text preview: McWhorter indicated that Cameron designed and tested its equipment in accordance with API Specification 16A. Cameron does not subject its BOPs to dynamic flow testing, nor is such testing required in API Specification 16A. 323 The Deepwater Horizon BOP assembly consisted of two major sections: the stack and the lower marine riser package (see Figure 10). At the time of the blowout, the major components of the Deepwater Horizon main stack consisted of the following: Wellhead connector, which connected the BOP stack to the Macondo In 1999, when it manufactured the BOP, “Cameron” was the Cameron Division of the Cooper Cameron Corporation. 320 CAMCG 00002843; TRN‐USCG‐MMS‐00014355. 321 Cameron Communication to JIT. 322 Testimony of David McWhorter, Joint Investigation Hearing, April 8, 2011, at 112, 117. 323 McWhorter testimony at 153. Dynamic flow testing is testing of the BOP stack under conditions that simulate pressures that might be generated by a blowout. 319 129 wellhead. Two variab...
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