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Unformatted text preview: ng rig moves from one location to another. 372 This minimizes rig downtime and the costs associated with performing the maintenance. Stringfellow testified: Taking BOP bodies completely apart, and say, checking the sealing areas of ring gaskets. We found that by disassembling these areas, to do an inspection on them and then put them back together, we have more issues with them than after we disassemble them than we do before. I mean, we never had a problem. Testimony of William Stringfellow, Joint Investigation Hearing, August 25, 2010 at 358‐59. One witness described the “infant mortality” concept that equipment can fail sooner from performing too much maintenance, disassembly, and overhaul of equipment. Fry Testimony at 69. 371 Stringfellow testimony at 375‐76. 372 Hay testimony at 255. 369 370 149 * * * So, I mean, you’re talking about pulling the rig out of service and – and, there again, the practicality of doing this and what you gain by doing this is weighed out. 373 Mark Hay, Transocean subsea superintendent, testified that it...
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