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Unformatted text preview: wout, resulting in the “elastic buckling” of the drill pipe. Elastic buckling can occur when a structural element loses stability when force is applied. Once the force causing the buckling is removed, the object reverts to its original form. The Panel determined that either of the following scenarios, or some combination of them, led to the elastic buckling of the drill pipe at the time the blind shear ram activated, which contributed to the failure of the blind shear ram to cut the drill pipe and seal the well: The forces from the blowout acting on the drill pipe pushed the tool joint into (or further into) the upper annular element. The drill pipe was then unable to move upward at the upper annular but was able to move upward at the upper VBR; and/or The draw works (the equipment on the rig that supports the drill pipe that is lowered into the riser) collapsed shortly after the explosions, thus allowing approximately 150,000 lbs of unsupported drill pipe to act as a downward force against the upper VBR. 342 Regardless of the conditions that led to the...
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