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Unformatted text preview: ack are included in a timeline at Appendix F of the DNV Report, Vol. 2 (Appendix D of this Report). 345 346 141 pod showed that, in its as‐received condition, the 27‐volt batteries on the blue pod did not have enough power to complete the AMF sequence. 348 Function testing of the yellow pod yielded inconsistent results due to one of the solenoids (solenoid 103Y). 349 A solenoid valve, in response to an electrical signal, opens or closes a hydraulic circuit to function BOP stack components. This functioning allows hydraulic fluid to close the BSR. I. Evaluation of Other Possible Failures During the ROV interventions, there were reports of leaks in various hydraulic circuits. DNV found that “the evidence indicates the reported leaks in the hydraulic circuits were not a contributor to the Blind Shear Rams being unable to close completely and seal the well.” 350 DNV reviewed various modifications made to the control logic or to the BOP stack prior to the blowout. DNV found that “th...
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