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Unformatted text preview: leading up to April 20. The different negative test variations that BP considered are detailed in Appendix G. 211 BP‐HZN‐MBI‐00256247. 212 Id. 213 Harrell testimony at 26. 210 89 When asked how he would typically line up the piping and valve arrangements for conducting a negative test, Harrell described another method for performing a negative test. He explained that “[y]ou do it by leading [bleeding] off back to Halliburton and up your drill pipe. You pump seawater to the end of your tail pipe and all the way back up to above your annular with your spacer…You hold the mud in the riser with the annular closed…You have seawater in the drill pipe and you have seawater in the kill line and either one would be seeing the same pressure…” 214 Leo Lindner, an employee of MI‐SWACO, testified that on the morning of April 20, 2010, he had two separate conversations regarding the negative pressure test, one with Kaluza and one with Morel. Lindner stated: He [Kaluza] wanted to go over the method by wh...
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