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Unformatted text preview: was well‐ known among the “top‐line supervisors” on the Deepwater Horizon that the BOP stack was outside of its three to five year major inspection requirement, and instead Transocean was relying upon its condition‐based maintenance. 374 4. Planned 2011 Shipyard Maintenance Transocean planned to bring the Deepwater Horizon in for maintenance at a shipyard in early 2011. The planned maintenance included: (1) replace or rebuild all 6 bonnets on pipe rams; (2) replace both 28 inch super shear ram bonnets; (3) replace Cameron high capacity riser connector; (4) completely replace lower annular with rebuilt annular; (5) replace all control hoses on BOP; (6) replace diverter; (7) replace diverter flex joint; (8) blast and paint both stack and LMRP frames; (9) change out all anodes; (10) rebuild all shuttle valves; and (11) replace or rebuild riser spider and gamble. 375 5. Deferring Maintenance on the BOP Stack The Panel found that, less than a week before the blowout, BP informed Transocean t...
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