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Unformatted text preview: ent of: well casing setting depths determined by formation strength; predicted formation fluid pressure; drilling mud weight limits; any anticipated subsurface hazards; effectiveness of well casing strength for pressure containment at its specified depth; effectiveness of cementing the well casing after successfully securing and isolating the hydrocarbon zones or any encountered subsurface hazards; and maintaining 30 CFR § 250.410. 400 159 well control by adjusting drilling mud properties and the use of well control equipment such as diverters and BOP stacks. The drilling engineer approved the APD on behalf of the District Manager after he or she reviewed the items listed above and after plan approvals were verified by the MMS Plans Unit. A MMS District Manager granted approvals of APDs, with all applicable cautions and conditions as necessary from the MMS Geological and Geophysical unit. If the APD did not satisfy all of the review items listed above, the drilling engineer returned the APD to the operator with comments documenting the deficiencies that n...
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