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Unformatted text preview: s; flow show alarm; gas detection system; ventilation system and alarms; and mudlogger shack alarms. During the inspections of drilling rigs, MMS inspectors were not required to function‐test the emergency disconnect systems, lower marine riser packages, or BOP stack secondary control systems. E. Potential Incident of Noncompliance Guidelines To ensure consistency in the agency’s inspection program, MMS inspectors performed OCS inspections using a national checklist called the Potential Incident of Noncompliance (“PINC”) list. This list is a compilation of yes/no questions derived from safety, environmental and regulatory requirements relating to oil and gas operations on the OCS. Upon detecting a violation, the MMS inspector issued an Incident of Noncompliance (“INC”) to the operator and used one of three main enforcement 162 actions (warning, component shut‐in, or facility shut‐ in), depending on the severity of the violation. If the violation was not severe or threatening, a warning INC was issue...
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