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Unformatted text preview: Joint® Upper Annular Prevente r Choke Side Kill Side Lower Annular Prevente r Blind Shear Ra m Kill Valve Casing She ar Ram Upper Variable Bore Ram Choke Valves Middle Variable Bore Ram Lower V ar iable Bore Ram Kill Valve P ort Side Figure 10 – Schematic of the Deepwater Horizon BOP Stack The table below identifies the installation dates of the following Deepwater Horizon stack components: 327 TRN‐USCG_MMS‐00097144. 327 131 Component Date Installed Lower Pipe Ram August 2000 328 Middle Pipe Rams August 2000 Upper Pipe Rams August 2000 Shearing / Blind Rams April 2007 Casing Shear Rams September 2009 Lower Annular Overhauled – October 2007 Upper Annular Overhauled – October 2007 Upper Kill Failsafe Valve October 2007 Lower Kill Failsafe Valve December 2006 Upper Choke Failsafe June 2005 Valve Lower Choke Failsafe January 2006 Valve Bleed Kill Failsafe August 2009 Mud Boost Valve June 2004 LMRP Connector January 2005 Wellhead Connector Overhauled – October 2009 Cameron Figure 11 – BOP...
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