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Unformatted text preview: estified about what he saw: After I saw the mud shooting up it was just several seconds and then it just quit. It went down and, at that time, I yelled at my roustabouts to go to the front of the rig. Now, whether they heard my radio Iʹm not sure, but it was just several seconds after that ‐‐ I took a deep breath thinking that ʹOh, they got it under control.ʹ Then all the sudden the degaser is ‐‐ mud started coming out of the degaser. And the degaserʹs on the ‐‐ and Iʹm sure ‐‐ I donʹt know if yʹall know itʹs on the starboard aft of the derrick and itʹs in a goose neck and it points back down to the deck. And it come out of it so strong and so loud that it just filled up the whole back deck with a gassy smoke and it was loud enough that ‐‐ itʹs like taking an air hose and sticking it to your ear. Then something exploded. Iʹm not sure what exploded, but just looking at it, it was where the degaser was sitting, Id. (Section 8, Subsection 5, page 1 of 17). Transocean Well C...
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