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Unformatted text preview: 3 BP‐HZN‐MBI00327757. 240 241 96 Figure 9 ‐ Insite Anywhere Access Log for April 20, 2010 97 VIII. Kick Detection and Rig Response A kick during drilling operations is the unwanted influx of formation fluids, such as hydrocarbons, into the wellbore. An undetected kick can lead to a loss of well control. As stated by Steve Robinson, BP vice president of wells in Alaska, “[t]he key to well control is early detection. Itʹs getting it shut in quickly.” 244 Monitoring a well for kicks involves observation of a number of indicators and a constant awareness of well conditions. A. Kick Detection Methods and Responsibilities Certain rig personnel, including the driller, assistant driller and mudloggers have specific responsibilities for monitoring the well to detect kicks, among other things. 245 BP’s well control manual provides that the well site leader is responsible for developing, monitoring, and supervising well control procedures. The company drilling engineer is responsible for providing technical support to the wellsite leader. The senior contractor representative has overall responsibil...
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