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Unformatted text preview: d if we continue in this manner.” 185 Additionally, Brett Cocales testified about concerns related to his transfer to the engineering department. 186 Cocales testified that his upcoming transfer would move resources from the operations group to the engineering group. Recognizing the organizational challenges present with the Macondo team, on March 21, 2010, Pat O’Bryan, BP’s Vice President of drilling and completions, emailed BP drilling and completions personnel and asked them to be prepared to discuss operations issues, including “the challenges that we’ve had over the last few weeks.” In the email, O’Bryan listed several items he wanted to discuss, and one of the items was “just in time delivery of well plans.” Sims’ draft email response stated “Nothing is going to change! All leadership, Ops DEs, etc. Lots of stress in the system.” 187 In the weeks leading up to April 20, BP made further changes to the Macondo well team. In early March, BP wells manager Ian Little was out of the office, as was Sims. Little delegated his duties to Guide. Guide’s duties at the time included the r...
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