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Unformatted text preview: tivate the BOP’s blind shear ram (“BSR”) as the last step in Ezell testimony at 282. Id. at 311. 268 Testimony of David Young, Joint Investigation Hearing, May 27, 2010, at 258‐59. 269 Robinson testimony at 284‐85. 270 Smith Report at 14. 266 267 103 responding to a well control event, but the Panel found no evidence that the rig crew did so at the time. D. The Use of the Mud Gas Separator A mud gas separator is used on a drilling rig to capture and separate gas from the drilling fluid returned from the well. After separation, the mud flows down into the pits and the gas is vented up in the derrick. A mud gas separator is typically used to divert small volumes of hydrocarbons during a kick. If a large flow is sent to the mud gas separator, there is a risk that the vessel will fail and create the possibility of gas ignition. If there is potential for a large flow, the safer option is to divert the flow overboard using one of two diverter lines. The diverter line is typically used du...
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