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Unformatted text preview: the various BOP elements. At the time of the blowout, the major components of the lower marine riser package consisted of the following: Two annulars (upper and lower), which are rubber‐metal composite elements capable of closing around the drill pipe to seal the annulus. Blue and yellow pods, two redundant control pods used to operate the BOP components. Multiplex connector, the point at which the multiplex lines connect to the BOP stack. ROV hot stab panels, which are operating panels that allow an ROV lowered to the sea floor to activate certain function on the BOP stack. Accumulator bottles, which provided hydraulic fluid used to operate the various BOP elements. BP‐HZN‐MBI‐000136647; BP Deepwater Horizon Accident Investigation Report, 172. During well control operations, rig crews pump kill fluid through the drill string and annular fluid is removed from the well using the choke line. 326 To “hot stab” is to insert an ROV’s robotic arm into a hydraulic port on the BOP stack to pump hydraulic fluid into the BOP ram closing system. 324 325 130 Flex...
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