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Unformatted text preview: sing in the production interval with known drilling margin limits at total depth was a possible contributing cause of the blowout. During the production casing cementing operation, rig personnel continuously monitored the fluids that they pumped into – and that flowed out of – the well. But rather than measuring flow‐in directly, rig personnel calculated flow‐in based on the pump’s piston volume output and efficiency. The crew measured flow‐out based on the Transocean flow meter paddles and the Sperry‐Sun flow line sonic/radar sensors. The crew also monitored flow‐out by pit gain volumes. As discussed above, even with properly calibrated flow measurement devices, there would have been a 10 percent margin of error in the flow‐out calculations. Dr. Smith, the expert retained by the JIT, used both the main pit volume data and the calculated cumulative flow‐out versus flow‐in data to estimate that approximately 2.3 bbls of mud were lost during the production casing cementing operation....
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