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Unformatted text preview: oked their Fifth Amendment rights against self‐incrimination and refused to testify during the JIT hearings, and two other witnesses claimed they were unable to testify for medical reasons. 9 In addition to the public hearings, BOEMRE investigators also conducted interviews of more than 25 individuals throughout the investigation. The JIT collected and reviewed large volumes of electronic and written material, including data, emails and other records related to the PIIs’ equipment, management systems, supervision of employees and contractors, communications, performance and training of personnel, relevant company policies and practices, and work environment. The JIT issued more than 90 subpoenas for documents and other information and collected over 400,000 pages of evidence. During the course of the investigation, the JIT commissioned several entities and qualified individuals to conduct expert analyses of evidence. Dr. John Smith, a petroleum engineer with Petroleum Consulting LLC, reviewed At the request of the Republic...
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